What are Ab Slings?

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An advanced piece of equipment for abdominal exercise, training and strengthening, an ab sling is used for a variety of workouts. These slings are an essential tool in the six pack ab look and are sometimes also referred to as ab straps. Working out the abs can be done on a variety of different levels, and the ab exercises provided by the ab slings are among the most difficult.

A variety of ab exercise equipment focuses on the weight put on the abs. Machines and dumbbells force an exerciser to use the abs to lift weight while stabilizing the body. Ab slings force the abdominal muscles to stabilize themselves by lifting the weight of the rest of the body. Ab slings can be used at a home gym or a fitness center and can figure into various exercises.

Ab slings are small sleeves, or slings, that are placed around the arms. These sleeves can hang from the top of the workout rack or pull-up bar, and are fastened with hooks at the top. The two sleeves hang down from the hooks about shoulder width apart. To begin a workout with ab slings, some will need to place a step under the slings so as to place their arms through them.


While standing on top of the step or stool, place the arms through the ab slings up to the bicep. The triceps should be resting on the bottom of the sling, while the arms are bent upwards at the elbow. The hands can lock around the bar or the hooks on the slings to maintain balance. Some may need a person to move the step away from their legs so that they can hang freely from the slings without the feet touching the ground.

Once a person is free to hang from the slings, the exercises should be done with the elbows pulled up to the same height as the shoulder. This places pressure on the biceps while using the core to steady the body. A number of different exercises can be done from this position.

One popular abdominal exercise is to bring the legs up to a spot perpendicular to the body, or to the chest, in a move called the leg lift, which works the lower abdominals. It is possible to leave the legs straight or bend them at the knees. It is also possible to extend the legs and swing them side to side for an oblique workout.


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