What are 900 MHz Wireless Headphones?

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Wireless headphones are a convenient way to listen to music and television. Many forms of headphones are available. The 900 MHz wireless headphones are an advanced version that provides good clarity and minimal interference from external radio transmissions.

One advantage of the 900 mhz wireless headphones is the distance of the radio transmission available with this unit. These headphones can be clearly heard at 150 feet (45.72 meters) from the source system. This makes them perfect for outside decks, cars, and office areas.

The 900 mhz wireless headphones are typically lightweight and come with a recharging docking station. They include an adjustable headband that fits the curve of the head. The headphones also include soft pads that cover the ears and reduce interference from external noise.

A wireless headphone requires some minor configuration to tune the device to a source transmitter. The 900 mhz wireless headphones typically include a built-in tuning system that can find the best signal for a specific location. This is designed to use a FM transmission system that is built into the headphone transmitter.

Most 900 mhz wireless headphone systems can be purchased as an entire kit. This typically includes the transmitter, headphones, connecting cord, and AC power supply. The universal connecting cord connects directly to the headphone output of a stereo entertainment system. This output sends a signal to the device by using a low-frequency FM transmission.


The headphones typically include an automatic shutoff and turn-on feature. This helps conserve battery life by disabling the unit when it is accidentally left on. The system will also automatically turn back on when the headphones are placed on the head of the listener. This is accomplished by using a special head sensor, which is located on the top area of the headphones.

Many of the 900 mhz wireless headphones also include rechargeable batteries. Fully charged, these batteries offer 20 hours of power. The rechargeable batteries can save the consumer money over conventional disposable batteries.

The clarity of the 900 mhz wireless headphones is equal to or better then most hard-wired headphones. This can be attributed to larger speaker drivers, which provide better tone and a wider dynamic range in sound quality. These larger speakers have a deeper base sound, which makes them seem louder than most headphones.


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