Should I Send a Thank You Card After a Phone Interview?

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Thank you cards are something that many people do as a matter of course, whenever another person provides a moment of their time, or performs a service of some sort for the individual. While many occasions clearly indicate that writing thank you cards is an appropriate response, some of our modern-day situations are not specifically addressed in books on proper etiquette.

An example of just such a situation is the phone interview. Is a thank you card appropriate after being interviewed for a position by telephone? The short answer to that question is yes. Here are a few reasons why a thank you note after a telephone interview is not only a gracious think to do, but also provide just the right touch to set you apart from all the other applicants.


While phone interviews are not face to face, they nevertheless require an investment of time and attention from the individual who is conducting the interview. Preparation for the interview is just as much the responsibility of the interviewer as it is for the applicant. After the interview, more time will be spent evaluating the information and impressions that formed during the course of the interaction. In the final analysis, a person that holds an interview invests quite a bit of time and resources into the event. Following up with a thank you card is a means of acknowledging that time was spent working on the interview before, during, and after the actual meeting. Thanking the interviewer for that effort demonstrates insight and consideration for other people.

Personalized thank you notes also send a clear message that you are a person who likes to pay attention to detail. With many positions, the ability to organize and complete tasks within a reasonable time frame is a huge advantage. While sending a thank you card may seem like a small thing, the act demonstrates that you do not like loose ends and that you proactively take steps to ensure that everything is in order. For this reason, many interviewers will find that a thank you note to be worth giving your resume and your interview comments a second glance.

Lastly, sending a thank you card indicates that you have a sense of social responsibility. Networking at business related events is a valuable tool that many professionals use to secure new business, strengthen ties with existing clientele, and cultivate contacts with people who can help the company to function more efficiently. A person who demonstrates that he or she is aware of the little social niceties and chooses to practice them will often be more desirable as an employee of the organization.

The thank you card has been around for quite some time. In recent years, issuing thank you notes has fallen out of favor in many areas of the social culture. However, in business, they still mean a great deal. Demonstrate that you are a true professional and send that thank you card after completing every phone interview.


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Agreed. I've interviewed- a card is too much!

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I always send a thank you email after a phone interview, but not a card - I guess I feel like it will often take 2 or more days for a card to reach it's destination, while and email is more immediate. Sure, an email can get lost in a busy interviewer's inbox, but by the time he or she gets the card, they may have already moved on.

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