Should I Feel Bad about Watching Netflix without My Spouse?

Apparently, you and your partner need to be more honest with each other. According to a 2017 study conducted by Netflix, nearly half of people who stream shows such as House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black with their significant other are "cheating" by watching extra episodes when their partner isn't around. Netflix says that the highest percentage of cheaters are in Brazil and Mexico, where about 57 percent of viewers admit to binge-watching episodes without their significant other. The most loyal viewing partners apparently live in the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.

You thought you could trust them:

  • Overall, Netflix says that nearly half of streaming couples around the world have cheated.

  • 80 percent of respondents said that the cheating is not planned. It just happens. The shows are just so good, they say, that they couldn’t stop bingeing.

  • When do these betrayals happen? The survey results show that 52 percent cheat when the other person is on a business trip or at work. Another 25 percent are sneaking a peek when you fall asleep.

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