Should I Buy Fine Jewelry Online?

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Jewelry is a popular item to buy online as it is small and usually inexpensive to ship. But, should only costume and less expensive jewelry be purchased online, or is it a good idea to buy fine jewelry online? Those who buy fine jewelry online may save up to 50% off retail, but while buying jewelry through e-commerce can be a great bargain, consumers should look for reputable companies and thoroughly check return and other policies.

Do a quick Internet search of the companies you're considering ordering fine jewelry from online. Did you find any negative feedback or mostly positive reviews? How long have they been in business? Do they offer a street address, phone and fax information on their website? Some sites feature a forum for customers to voice their opinions of the company's products and services and this may or may not be helpful.

It's crucial to check the company's policies very carefully before you buy fine jewelry online. Take careful note of the return policy. Will you be able to return the jewelry just because you're not pleased with how it looks in person as opposed to on the website? How many days will you have to return the item? Will there be a restocking charge? These are all questions you should think about carefully before making your decision to purchase good quality jewelry online.


You should be concerned with the quality of the jewelry offered. When you buy fine jewelry online such as diamonds, look for an accompanying certificate of authenticity. If the company is reputable, has valid contact information, a reasonable return policy and proven, high quality merchandise then you may want to buy fine jewelry online. Make sure you view the jewelry close-up as well as in a group with other pieces. Even if the company's return policy is good, you still don't want to waste your time buying something that you probably won't like only because you didn't notice a certain detail.


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Thanks for this post, I agree that multiple images are important. I bought jewelry online once and it was horrible, luckily they had a solid return policy.

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