Of the World's Total Defense Spending, what Portion does the US's Defense Budget Comprise?

The United States' military budget makes up almost half of the entire world's defense spending. The base budget for the Department of Defense in 2010 was more than $500 billion US Dollars (USD), not counting overseas expenditures and emergency spending. The U.S. Army gets the biggest percentage of that money, about $250 billion USD a year, followed by the Navy and the Air Force, each of which get more than $150 billion USD each year. By these figures, the U.S. Army alone spends more than twice the entire military budget of China.

More facts about military spending:

  • The U.S. spent more on defense in 2009 than it did on Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare.

  • The combined total military budgets of the six next-highest spenders — China, France, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan — still doesn't add up to the U.S. military budget. In fact, their combined budgets add up to a little more than half of the annual U.S. military budget.

  • Global military expenditures have risen steadily since the mid-1990s and rose almost $600 billion USD from 1996 to 2009.

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