Is There a Way to Be Taller?

Growth depends on many different factors and although there isn't a specific age limit for everyone, experts believe that most people stop growing about the age of 20.

This does not ring true for astronauts however, who can experience an increase in their height by as much as 2 inches while they are in space. The reason for it is microgravity, a state of near weightlessness due to little gravity. When astronauts are in space, the lack of gravity allows their spine to expand and astronauts may return home several inches taller. It is not a permanent change however, as the pull of gravity eventually returns the spine to is previous state.

More about growth:

  • Our genes play a significant role in our height.
  • The human growth hormone in young children is released the most during deep sleep.
  • A study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research in 2011 determined that people's hips get wider as they age.

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