Is There a Connection between Vitamin E and Hair Growth?

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There is a strong connection between vitamin E and hair growth, because adequate vitamin E intake is required for hair health. Although it does not necessarily prevent hair loss in those who have a genetic factor at play, a lack of vitamin E can cause the hair to break easily and thin. This vitamin also promotes scalp health, which allows hair to grow more quickly and healthily.

Vitamins are required for the health of the hair and nails, just as they are with the rest of the body. When the body doesn't get enough vitamin E, it can lead to brittle, dry, hair and eventual breakage. This can eventually cause the hair to become thin and bald spots to develop.

Vitamin E increases circulation throughout the body, including the head, which keeps the scalp healthy. This allows hair to grow faster and thicker by stimulating the follicles. A deficiency can lead to slower growth and less healthy hair when growth does occur.

Many hair care serums and treatments contain vitamin E along with various other vitamins that have been shown to improve the health of the hair and scalp. Vitamin E should ideally be consumed through vegetables and certain other foods, but it can be taken by supplement if need be. Shampoos and conditioners may also contain this vitamin, and it's a common ingredient in moisturizers and skin lotions. A combination of these methods is often ideal for the most benefits.


Additional vitamins are also needed for hair health. This is especially true of antioxidant vitamins like D and C, which help prevent molecular damage to the cells of the hair.

Although beneficial, taking vitamin E will not cause hair to grow for those who have a genetic condition, like male pattern baldness, that causes the hair to thin or fall out. There are medications that may help with this type of hair loss in both men and women.

It's not too difficult for people with a healthy diet to get enough vitmain E, but when this isn’t possible, over-the-counter dietary supplements are a good substitution. Whole food vitamins are best, however. It is important for anyone considering taking vitamin E in higher than usual dosages to speak with a medical professional first. This is especially important for those who are taking other medications, which might be affected by the supplement.


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Post 4

Vitamins are really good for our general health.

Post 3
@MikeMason-- I think that's a logical conclusion we can draw. I have seen a few studies about vitamin E and male pattern baldness. One even claimed that it halts hair loss and stimulates hair growth in men but I'm not sure how unbiased these results are.

If there is a genetic condition or a health condition causing hair loss or slowing down hair growth, there is little that vitamin E can do.

I had hyperthyroidism for a while and experienced a lot of hair loss. I took vitamin E and biotin supplements during this time and saw no results. It was only after my thyroid was treated that my hair loss went back to normal.

It's important to make sure that we're getting enough vitamin E, through our diet or through supplements. But I think it would be naive to expect miraculous results from it.

Post 2

Does this mean that vitamin E will only improve hair growth if someone has a vitamin E deficiency?

Because it clearly doesn't do anything for male pattern baldness.

Post 1

I can personally vouch that vitamin E promotes hair growth.

My hair used to grow very slowly and it was also unhealthy and brittle. After I started taking vitamin E every day, my hair started to grow more quickly and became stronger too. I have long hair now which I never had before.

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