Is There a Big Market for Used Farm Tractors?

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Around the world, there is a substantial market for used farm tractors. As older farmers retire and look to liquidate equipment, new farmers are quick to grab up quality machines at bargain prices. This constant turnover in the industry creates a decent market for both buyers and sellers.

Used farm tractors even have their own blue book. Just like cars have this type of buying guide giving approximate financial values based on condition and age, the same holds true for used farm tractors. This blue book of sorts provides a framework for those looking to buy or sell. Still, the buyer should beware as getting one's money back for a poorly performing tractor generally is not easy.

For those just starting out in farming, the start-up costs can be so high and prohibitive that many have a hard time making enough money to live on. New field tractors can cost more than $100,000 US Dollars (USD). That is why the market for used farm tractors is so large. Very few can afford a new tractor when they are just starting out.


Purchasing a used farm tractor is typically done in one of two ways. Farm implement stores, which may have trade-ins available, may be the safest bet, as retailers often stand behind what they are selling. Another common method for purchasing used tractors is to buy one directly from a private seller. There are entire magazines devoted to used farm equipment, many of which have extensive, classified listings by geographic area.

One limiting factor, however, when looking to buy a used tractor is the availability of replacement parts. As machines age, and more and more are taken out of service, aftermarket parts become harder to find. While there may be suitable alternatives, such as using parts from other equipment, some parts may have to be custom made by a machine shop. This can be very costly.

Used farm tractors are not only purchased for practical reasons; they are also often bought for purposes of restoration and display in antique tractor shows or for personal enjoyment. The most popular brands are often seen in these types of shows, but there are many other lesser known models as well, that attract great interest. Some retired farmers travel nearly the entire spring, summer and early fall to various antique tractor shows to display their equipment.


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Post 3

One of the most popular parts of the used tractors is the tire. The big old tires are great for outlining flower beds, or flowers can be planted inside of them. Some people also use them as work out equipment.

Post 2

One of the best times to find used farm tractors for sale is when a farmer retires or when a farmer dies and the family is selling off all the old equipment. You can sometimes find ads for these type of sales in local newspapers and magazines and also online at some of the sites that have sections for estate sales and general items for sale.

Post 1

In the county where I live, farming is a big part of the economy. You can drive through the country and see old used farm tractors all over the place. It's amazing how much tractors have changed over the decades. And like the article says, some of the older models become obsolete because no one makes parts to fit them anymore.

I have a friend who was trying to sell one of his father's old tractors. He parked the machine beside the road and put a for sale sign on it. A couple people offered him money for the tractor, but he thought he could get more for the machine so he turned down the offers.

Then one

day a farmer came by and offered him almost as much money for one part on the tractor as the other two guys offered for the entire tractor. The farmer had a similar tractor and needed the part to keep it running.

Eventually, my friend realized he could sell the parts individually and make more money than he would make my selling the entire tractor to one person.

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