Is the Population of Manhattan Dropping?

Although Manhattan was home to 1.6 million people in 2010, the population of the borough has dropped. In 1910, for example, the population of Manhattan was 2.3 million — 43 percent more than it was in 2010. Changes in zoning and other laws eliminated some of the space that was once used for residences.

More facts about Manhattan:

  • Manhattan actually holds more people during the day than at night. Employees who stream in from the surrounding boroughs for work raise the daytime population of Manhattan to almost 4 million.

  • Manhattan is home to the Fashion Institute of Technology, which offers a Bachelor of Science degree in cosmetics and fragrance marketing. No other educational institution in the world offers a similar degree.

  • During the middle of the 20th century, many people relocated from Manhattan to outlying areas, partially in reaction to rising crime rates. By the beginning of the 21st century, the population of Manhattan began to grow as interest in urban living began to attract more attention.

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I wonder if part of the reason for the population drop is that urban dwellers generally have fewer kids. Europe's population is also declining. I think the figure is something like 1.6 kids per women. Maybe Manhattanites have a similar low birth rate.

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