Is Taking Fish Oil Harmful to Your Health?

Taking fish oil might be harmful to your health, as eating fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel or taking a fish oil supplement has been linked with an increase in health problems and faster aging, even though it was previously thought to improve health. One study found that consuming fish oil increased the likelihood of men developing prostate cancer by about 43%. Fish oil also might speed up aging, as animals that consumed fish oil had their life expectancy decrease by 14%. The potentially harmful effects of fish oil are thought to be caused by an unknown occurrence in how the body breaks down the molecules in the omega-3 fatty acids found in the oil.

More about fish oil:

  • In the US, more than $1 billion US Dollars is spent on fish oil supplements each year.

  • Eating fatty fish twice a week has been found to decrease age-related eye degeneration by half.

  • People in the Seychelles Islands off Africa eat an average of 12 fish meals each week and have not been found to have an increase in health issues when compared with people in other countries who consume less fish.

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Post 5

Good to know this, but is the research concluded? Please keep us informed.

Post 3

Your assertion on possible harmful effects of fish oil is a shocker.

Could you provide background info on the study(ies)on which you base your post?

Many thanks!

Post 2

Where are your references?

When you have a large group of followers, it would be best to inform them accurately, with all sources... don't you think? Or do they not have the right to see where you get your information?

Moderator's reply: The study was published in the Journal of Lipids, accessible through ( It was further picked up for discussion by Harvard and other reputable sources.

Post 1

Almost every subsequent health-related research findings has caused more confusion than the previous ones! Will these scientists stop confusing us?

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