Is It worth Buying “Genuine Leather” Products?

“Genuine leather” may sound impressive, but buyer beware -- leather goods with this designation are not top-of-the-line products. A handbag or a pair of shoes labeled “genuine leather” just means that leather was used in the manufacturing process. Typically, genuine leather means that split leather was used, which is leather from the inner layers of the animal hide. The outer layers of the skin are considered “top grain" or “full grain,” and are much higher quality.

That's gen-u-wine leather right there:

  • At times, genuine leather may also be mixed with leather scraps, artificial materials, and bonding agents. Genuine leather is not as durable as a higher quality leather, but is easier to care for.

  • Technically, suede is also formed from split leather. It may feel great, but suede is less durable because it is thinner and absorbs liquid more easily.

  • Nubuck is top-grain cattle hide leather that has been lightly sanded on the outside. This creates a very short nap, giving the material a velvety feel.

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