Is It Safe to Use Homeopathy During Pregnancy?

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Most experts agree that using homeopathy during pregnancy is perfectly safe. Homeopathic remedies usually don't contain drugs or chemicals. They are typically made with herbs, but the active ingredients are often so diluted that they are considered harmless, even for pregnant women. Homeopathy during pregnancy is said to help the mother maintain an optimum state of health, and be better prepared for childbirth. Homeopathic treatments can also benefit the mother and baby postpartum.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that uses diluted herbal preparations to restore or maintain physical health. Homeopathic remedies claim to support the body's own healing mechanisms, to help patients enjoy maximum physical and emotional health. These natural treatments are generally very diluted, so that little of the active ingredients remain. Practitioners of homeopathy believe, however, that only very small amounts of these ingredients are necessary to support optimum physical function.

These remedies are widely considered drug and chemical free, and safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Most medications, even over-the-counter drugs, aren't considered safe for use by pregnant women. Homeopathy is often used as an alternative system of natural treatments during pregnancy.

In addition to supporting maternal health, homeopathy during pregnancy can help relieve many of the common complaints of pregnant women, such as morning sickness or sleeplessness. It can help balance mood and relieve heartburn, cramps, and backaches.


Homeopathy during pregnancy is considered so safe that many healthy pregnant women may be able to treat themselves, though a consultation with a practitioner may bring better results. Remedies usually come in tablet form, and are typically held in the mouth until dissolved. They are considered completely nontoxic and usually don't have side effects, though in some cases they can cause side effects if the dosage is too high. Dilutions of 6x to 30x are generally considered safe for use during pregnancy. Practitioners of homeopathy usually recommend that pregnant women follow sound diet and exercise guidelines in combination with any homeopathic treatments.

Practitioners of homeopathy often advocate using these remedies to assist with childbirth and postpartum care. These remedies can help prevent or relieve problems during childbirth, and speed recovery for both mother and infant. Homeopathic remedies can also assist with problems during breastfeeding and can be administered to support infant health.


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