Is Green Jasmine Tea Good for You?

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Green tea, which is picked earlier than the more familiar black tea, resulting in less oxidation, may have some healthful properties. It does contain antioxidants, which might be indicated in reducing the effects of aging, and many believe that studies on the tea suggest that it mildly helps weight loss efforts and is particularly helpful in reducing a small amount of abdominal fat. Recently, there has been some question about the health benefits of green jasmine tea, which includes fragrant jasmine flowers with green tea leaves. The scent may encourage the drinker to relax and there is some suggestion that jasmine might have additional benefits, but they have not been proven.

Jasmine is pleasantly aromatic plant that does have some potential health properties. It may slightly promote relaxation and calm. Other claims, however, have not been proven. Jasmine has been touted as a potential cancer fighting agent, an aphrodisiac, and an instant weight loss cure. Given research on tea, these claims have yet to be fully supported and people should take them with a grain of salt.


This doesn’t mean that drinking green jasmine tea is unhealthy or without health benefit. As mentioned, it may help slightly calm mood, and some studies suggest that being exposed to the aroma of jasmine alone can produce a more calm state of mind. Many other herbs offer similar benefits, but there’s little to suggest that jasmine additions to tea create health issues for most people. Those people taking anticoagulants like warfarin, however, should be aware that green tea may have an effect on how the drug is synthesized by the body, and it may be best if they do not drink it.

One thing that calls studies about the benefits of green jasmine tea into question, especially as related to calming the mood, is that green tea does contain caffeine. It’s unknown whether this would completely cancel out a calming effect, but those who don’t sleep well should avoid caffeinated substances for several hours prior to bedtime. Other herbal teas that don’t contain caffeine might be useful in this regard. There are also decaffeinated green teas, but it’s been suggested that decaffeinating the tea may reduce its potential health benefits.

As to the question of whether green jasmine tea is good for people, it can really only be suggested that, for most people, it isn’t bad. It might have some calming benefits and doesn’t appear to be dangerous. Those who should avoid caffeine at all times should only drink decaffeinated forms. For most people, though, it’s really the taste, more than any possible effects on health, that makes this tea appealing. The jasmine tends to sweeten the green tea taste, and the aroma is often considered very pleasant.


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Post 3

In addition to green tea with jasmine, there are also varieties with lemon, orange, spice, and other variations. You can also find caffeinated or non caffeinated, depending on what you prefer.

Post 2

Some of the benefits of green tea, including jasmine green tea's benefits, are not that different from those of other teas, but green tea can be a much lighter taste than black teas, which some people find too strong or too bland.

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I very much appreciate the warning not to drink green tea while taking anticoagulants but you don't say if it enhances the effect of Warfarin or reduces the effect.

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