Is Coca-Cola Being Sold in Bottles Made from Ice?

In 2013, Coca-Cola® released a special limited-edition version of the beverage that was in a bottle made entirely of ice. It was marketed as Beachside Coke® and released solely in Columbia. The ice bottles were made in a mold that was modeled after the company’s existing glass bottles. Beachside Coke® was mainly sold on the beaches of Columbia, with an average of 265 bottles reportedly being sold per hour. The ice bottles come wrapped in red rubber bands that protect consumers’ hands while they drink and also serve as keepsake bracelets. Critics questioned the hygiene of the ice bottles, but the product won numerous industry awards, including a Golden Sol Award, which celebrates creativity in Ibero-America.

More about Coca-Cola®:

  • Coca-Cola’s® logo is estimated to be recognizable to about 94% of the world's adult population.

  • Pharmacist John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola® in 1886, and it originally was intended to be used for medicinal purposes as a cure for morphine addiction.

  • If all of the Coca-Cola® ever produced was bottled into 8-ounce (236.6 mL) containers and placed one on top of another, the stack would be tall enough to reach to the moon and back more than 2,000 times.
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Beachside Coke is not that great. My friend had it in Colombia and he said that there was less soda in the ice bottles than the regular bottles.

It's true that it's environmentally friendly, but the ice bottles need freezers which require more energy than regular fridges. Instead of plastic, ice bottles are using electricity.


@burcidi-- I'm sure the bottle melts very quickly under the sun, but they must have made it thick enough to last for a while. I think it's very environmentally friendly packaging!


Wow, that sounds amazing! I wish the same product was released here!

I always have my soda with ice and in the summer, it's so difficult to keep drinks cold. I don't know who thought of serving Coca-Cola in a glass bottle, but it's a superb idea. If I was on a beach in the scorching heat, I would buy it too.

I'm just curious about one thing, what happens to the bottles after the soda is finished? Do you just leave it somewhere and let it melt? And what if you forget to drink it? It will turn into a water and soda soup in no time, right?

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