Is Chocolate Really Bad for My Teeth?

Theodent, a little-known toothpaste available at specialty stores such as Whole Foods Market, uses a cacao plant extract instead of fluoride to fight cavities. Chocoholics might be excited about that tasty prospect -- and the packaging, in the style of a chocolate bar, tries to capitalize on this -- but the toothpaste is not chocolatey, and tastes like normal oral hygiene products. Theodent’s active ingredient is theobromine (called Rennou by its manufacturers), and its other ingredients include xylitol, glycerin, and xanthan gum. Cocoa powder can vary in the amount of theobromine it contains, ranging from 2 percent to 10 percent. There are usually higher concentrations in dark chocolate than in milk chocolate.

A fluoride-free toothpaste choice:

  • Theobromine was found to strengthen teeth and regenerate enamel in laboratory tests in the 1980s.

  • Theodent comes in three varieties -- Theodent Classic, an extra-strength formula called Theodent 300, and a toothpaste designed for children.

  • The toothpaste typically appeals to consumers who want to avoid fluoride, a natural mineral that has been used to fight cavities and prevent gum disease for decades.

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