Is a Common Battery Really a Cure for Bug Bites?

A common battery could be a cure for bug bites from insects that inject venom, and it has been found that placing a 9-volt battery onto a wet spider, bee, wasp or ant bite stops the pain in some cases. Research has shown that an electric current, such as from a common battery, has the ability to deactivate the venom, or toxic substance, released by snakes and certain insects. Wetting the bug bite might make the battery remedy even more effective because moisture improves the conductivity of the electric current.

More about home remedies for bug bites:

  • The herb basil has been found to be an insect repellent and contains anti-inflammatory properties that might relieve the swelling and itching of bug bites.

  • Meat tenderizer might help relive itching from insect bites because it breaks down the protein in venom in the same manner that it tenderizes meat.

  • Items that have acidic properties, such as vinegar or citrus, might stop the itchiness from bug bites and stings because it balances the potenz hydrogen (pH) levels of the skin.

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