How Should I Prepare for Snow Storms?

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One of the best ways to get through bad snow storms is to stay inside. If you know that a major snow storm is headed in your direction, make sure that you have enough supplies for a few days. In fact, if you live in an area that is frequently hit by snow storms, you might want to consider keeping your pantry stocked at all times just in case you can't get out to the grocery store if you need to.

During very severe snow storms, it is possible for the power to go out. In order to prepare for this, it is good to have flashlights, replacement batteries, candles, and matches on hand. It is best to purchase large candles that either come in or can be placed inside of a slightly larger glass jar. Taper candles that fit into candlesticks have open flames that can cause a fire hazard. Large votive candles inside of a fire-proof container are less likely to cause a problem. Be sure, however, to keep all candles away from curtains and any flammable material.

Also, if the power goes out, it is very helpful to have a battery-operated radio on hand. This will allow you to tune in to local stations for news and weather updates.


If you must venture out of your home during a snow storm, be sure to wear warm clothing and sensible shoes. It is best to wear boots with strong rubber treads. If you are going to go a far distance on foot, it is advisable to bring a thermos of some warm liquid such as tea or coffee with you. Drinking warm liquids can help you to stay warm on your journey. It is also advisable to bring a mobile telephone with you so that you can make an emergency call if necessary.

If you have to travel by car during a snow storm, make sure that your vehicle has the appropriate tires and that they are in good condition. You may want to invest in chains that you can wrap around your tires if you get stuck in a snowdrift. Be sure that your windshield wipers are in good condition as well. It is important for you to drive with the best possible visibility during a snow storm.

If you have very energetic children who hate to be stuck in the house for hours or days on end, you might want to consider investing in a box of toys or games that they are only allowed to play with during snow storms. This way, being stuck inside goes from being an annoyance to being a pleasure.


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Post 3

Snow storms are great. I like watching the flakes fall and the snow pile up. Yes, staying at home in a snow storm is great, until the power goes out. Then all bets are off.

Post 2

Sporkasia - You forgot to mention the difference in the driving habits of Southerners and Northerners. Traffic comes to a stand still when a new snow storm is even mentioned in the South. Okay, I'm exaggerating but I think everyone knows what I mean.

I agree with the article that it is a good idea to stay home if possible when a major snow storm is in the forecast. Even if you are prepared and you are a great driver, there are a lot people out there who are neither prepared or comfortable driving in snow. Better to be safe and warm at home than on the road dodging wild drivers.

Post 1

It's amazing what passes for a major snow storm in the South compared to what would be called a major snow storm up North. I have lived in the both areas and have seen several big snow storms in the east.

I always have to chuckle when I remember going to the grocery store in North Carolina one evening after a few snow flakes had fallen earlier that day. The milk and the bread sections of the store were empty. For some reason, down South when it snows no home is complete without a substantial supply of bread and milk.

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