How Should I Prepare for my First Day at Work?

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The average American has around 60 "bad days" a year; lack of sleep is the biggest contributing factor.  more...

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Whether you’re starting your first job or you're an experienced worker, there is no better time to make a good first impression than your first day at work. It doesn’t matter if it was your skills and experience or simply your availability that landed you the job — you still have an obligation to be prepared to do your job for the company that hired you. You may not accomplish much on your first day, but you will meet a lot of other employees, and possibly managers or executives who might later be responsible for your raise or promotion.

You can begin preparing for your first day at work the night before. Though you might be excited or even nervous, you should do your best to get a good night’s sleep so you are well rested for the next day. Try to avoid too much caffeine late in the day, and even if you’re celebrating your new job with friends or family, avoid alcohol and don’t eat too much. All of these things can interfere with a good night’s rest.


Before going to sleep the night before, gather any supplies, tools, or equipment that you will need for your first day. If you carry a briefcase, pack it the night before. Be sure to have a ballpoint pen for filling out those necessary tax forms. You might also want to be sure to have cash on hand in case of unexpected fees, such as parking, where plastic may be no good. Be sure to save time in the morning by getting your clothes ready the night before.

The morning of your first day at work, allow yourself plenty of time for getting ready and for the commute. Because you’re creating a new routine and don’t yet know how things will go, you want to ensure that you have enough time. Rushing around to leave the house or finding you’re stuck in traffic you didn’t know would be so heavy will only leave you feeling frustrated and stressed. Having a relaxed morning and arriving to your first day at work on time will get you off to the right start — it will also make a good impression on the people who hired you. The first day is the hardest for many people, but you can rest assured that each day after will likely get easier.


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Post 16

I'm starting my career tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous like many of those who have posted here, but I take comfort in the fact that I am not alone and nerves are just a part of the process of entering a new environment. I wish everybody who is entering their first day of work, and to those that are soon to find a job and begin work the best of luck in their endeavors.

Post 15

Thank you for the tips. I wish for you all good luck in your first day at work.

Post 14

If you're anything like me, no matter how hard you try to go to sleep you just won't be able to. I get so nervous! I used to be a nursing student, and every six weeks it was a new job, a new ward placement. I'd still get the same way even though I had done it many times before.

The best way of dealing with this, I found, is to get up and do something. I found if I stayed in bed, then I would start worrying about never being able to sleep and waking up late etc., which made it even more difficult to sleep!

Post 13

1) bring your own nice notebook. it's classy.

2) put your cell on vibrate only. almost nothing is as important as concentrating on your first day tasks.

3) send or call people your new connect info, so if something critical comes up, they can find you.

Post 9

Thank you. This is really helpful. I am really anxious right now, starting off for my first job on next monday.

Post 8

this is great. I was nervous and but worried about my job tomorrow at walgreens, but with this info i feel like i can conquer anything!

Post 7

I find it very important to be open starting a new job. Don't go in ready to make changes. Because those who have been there may not receive it positively. Take your time, be open, and then perhaps at a staff meeting or by some other means you could make your suggestions.

Post 6


Post 5

I would add these tips: Be sure that your alarm clock is on and at the right time (especially if it's set to AM/PM and not 24h, so it's not set to PM instead of AM ). And, if you were ever late at your old job (or school) because your alarm clock didn't go off, you should be sure to put in a second one, like on your cell phone, or even have a friend call at your place to make sure you're up on time.

Post 4

Thanks for the tips, some good advice.

Post 3

I've been off work for three months due to being made redundant thanks to the financial crap that the UK is in. However, I have been fortunate to find myself a new job and I start tomorrow.

I'm very nervous and a bit scared as I'm not sure how my day will go. But thanks this has helped and I feel better knowing I have done all of the above now all I have to worry about is getting up.

Post 2

I just got my second job.

At my first job, I didn't make the trial period (I was 16 and the job was lifting truck tires. I was not physically able.) So yeah, I am scared.

Post 1

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