How Popular Is the Mobile Game Candy Crush?

The mobile game Candy Crush is extremely popular. In the first quarter of 2014, the game made 56% more revenue than all Nintendo games combined. Often referred to as being "irresistible" and "addictive," Candy Crush is a mobile puzzle game which requires players to match 3 same-colored candies. The game becomes more difficult as the gamer advances through the stages and additional lives are available for purchase. The game became so popular after it released as a mobile application in 2012 that it was played 151 billion times in its first year alone.

As of 2014, the owner of the game, King Digital Entertainment, makes $800,000 per day from Candy Crush. Some experts believe that there are several psychological explanations behind the Candy Crush addiction, such as the effects of the game on the dopamine neurochemical in the brain. The makers of Candy Crush claim, however, that it is just a casual game requiring skill and strategy.

More about Candy Crush:

  • The mobile game Candy Crush has more than 400 levels and only the first 35 levels are free.

  • About 90% of Candy Crush players are over the age of 21 and majority are women aged 25-55.

  • Psychologists believe that Candy Crush addiction is very similar to gambling addiction.

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