How Popular Are Coca-Cola Products in Japan?

Coca-Cola has been an iconic American product for more than 130 years, but its appeal isn't lost on thirsty folks in foreign lands. In fact, the Japanese love Coca-Cola's offerings so much that the company rakes in roughly $10 billion USD from the Asian nation every year -- second only to what it makes in America. Oddly enough, however, the "Land of the Rising Sun" isn't exactly fond of Coke itself. Instead, when a Japanese drinker wants a cold beverage from one of Coke's approximately one million vending machines there, he will typically grab a "Georgia" cold coffee, a can of green tea, or an orange-flavored water. Coca-Cola even allows for Japan's famously fluctuating tastes, stocking machines and markets with more than 850 different drinks to choose from.

Inside the world of Coke:

  • Only about nine servings of Coke were sold every day when it was introduced in 1886; today, the figure is approximately 1.9 billion.

  • John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in the hopes of marketing a "nerve" tonic to relieve exhaustion and headaches.

  • You'd have to drink one Coca-Cola product every day for nine years to have tried them all.

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