How Much does Netflix&Reg; Spend Per Year in Shipping?

Movie rental company Netflix® spends $700 million US Dollars (USD) a year on postage. That's 20 times what the company spends on bandwidth for those who rent movies to watch over the Internet. It costs Netflix® about $1 USD roundtrip per video they mail.

More facts about Netflix®:

  • Netflix® started its subscription service in 1999 — by 2007, it had almost 100 million subscribers and had mailed out more than 1 billion DVDs.

  • The company has also licensed and distributed several independent films, including Born into Brothels and has produced some original content under the name Red Envelope Entertainment.

  • According to Netflix® statistics, the top movies rented from the service throughout its operation are Crash, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Bucket List.
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