How Much Do People Walk in Their Lifetime?

The average person will walk about 100,000 miles (160,934.4 km) in his or her lifetime, roughly equal to four trips around the Earth. There are differences in the walking habits of people living in different nations. For example, the average American adult takes about 5,117 steps per day, and the average person in Western Australia takes 9,695 steps. Gender also plays a role, with men taking an average of 5,340 steps per day, compared with 4,912 for women.

More about walking :

  • The average walking speed for an adult is 3.1 miles (5 km) per hour.

  • People in developed nations such as the United States, New Zealand and Canada consider walking a quarter of a mile (402.3 m) to public transportation to be reasonable, but they will walk longer distances to get to a faster transit option.

  • One report showed that, among US cities, Boston has the highest number of people who walk or use bicycles to get around. About 13.5% of Boston's workers walk to their jobs.

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How many extra miles does somebody walk in their lifetime when they walk back to get something they forgot?

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@orehnjaca & @habura: the first person to do it, according to Guinness Book of World Records, was Dave Kunst from 1970 - 1974

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@habura - It's not possible to walk the actual circumference of world because of the water!

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Has anyone ever walked around the world?

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There's a program that advocates 10,000 steps which they say is almost 5 miles. If you do 5 miles every day and you live to 78, that's more than 140,000 miles (225,000 km) in your lifetime! Which is more than 5 and a half times around the circumference of the earth (24,901 miles - 40,075 km).

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