How Much Do Parking Structures Cost to Build?

The cost of a parking structure can vary widely, depending on where it is built, how big it is and the materials used to make it. Some of them cost more than $100 million US Dollars (USD). This works out to about $40,000 USD per parking space for above-ground structures, and some underground structures come out to about $140,000 USD per space. The average cost for a normal, above-ground parking structure in the United States works out to about $15,000 USD per parking space.

More facts about parking structures:

  • Unlike many other structures, parking structures are often not subject to building safety checks after their initial checks .

  • The largest parking structures in the world include the parking area at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, which has 20,000 spaces; the parking area at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which has 13,000 spaces; and McNamara terminal at Detroit Metro Airport, which has 11,500 spaces.

  • Parking structures can last 50 years without major overhauls. An asphalt parking lot lasts about 20 years before it has to be repaved.

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