How Much Did the World's Heaviest Person Weigh?

The world's heaviest person weighed approximately 1,400 pounds (635 kg). US man, Jon Minnoch, set the record for heaviest weight on medical record after his hospital admittance in 1978 and it has not been surpassed as of 2014. Just two years before Minnoch weighed in at the heaviest weight, he had weighed 975 pounds (442 kg). This drastic increase in weight in such a short period of time was thought to be the result of water weight related to his congestive heart failure. During his two year hospital stay, Minnoch lost 923 pounds (419 kg) after being put on a low calorie diet. However, when he died in 1983, he weighed 798 pounds (362 kg).

More about the heaviest people:

  • The heaviest woman on medical record is American Rosalie Bradford, who weighed in at 1,200 pounds (544 kg) in 1987. Bradford died in 2006.
  • In addition to being the heaviest person on record, Minnoch also holds the record for largest weight loss ever after his initial hospital stay.
  • American Donna Simpson set the record for heaviest woman to give birth in 2007, when she weighed 532 pounds (241 kg).

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Wow, who knew that people could weigh so much? Also, reading these tidbits of information remind me of the show called My Six Hundred Pound Life.

Has anyone ever heard of that? To make a long story short, it's a show that revolves around people whose lives have changed after they gained a lot of weight, sometimes weighing up to six hundreds pounds and more.

It's definitely disturbing to watch, but in a way, I also think it's rather eye opening. I mean after all, until you begin to watch shows like these, you never realize just how much people can weigh, and even more so, it really makes you realize that you need to watch your weight as well.

In my opinion, the saddest part of the show is that a lot of people don't even make it to the end, and they die before they even have time to recover.

Honestly though, I'm not all that surprised. After all, our body can only handle so much weight before it kills us.

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