How Many US Companies Have Revenues That Are Higher than Countries' GDPs?

At least 25 companies in the United States have revenues that are more than some countries' gross domestic products (GPDs), with Walmart topping the list at almost $415 billion US Dollars (USD). If Walmart were a country, its revenue would make it one of the 25 largest economies in the world, with a GDP that is more than those of Peru, Morocco and New Zealand combined. Other U.S. companies that have revenues higher than some countries' GDPs include Exxon Mobile, which has a revenue bigger than the GDP of Thailand, and Conoco Phillips, which has a revenue that surpasses the GDP of Pakistan.

More facts about U.S. companies and GDP:

  • Although Walmart has the highest revenue, the most valuable U.S. company as of 2011 was Apple, with a market value of almost $340 billion USD. Apple's revenue in one quarter of 2011 was bigger than the GDP of Kenya. Despite this, Apple's value would pay of only 10 percent of the U.S. federal spending debt as of 2011.

  • Combining the GDPs of Kenya, Latvia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Paraguay, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Mongolia would still not match the individual revenues of either Ford, Bank of America, General Motors or General Electric.

  • The U.S. companies with the biggest revenues as of 2011 were Walmart, Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Conoco Phillips and Fannie Mae.

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