How Many Soldiers Were Killed in the American Civil War?

It has been estimated that about 750,000 soldiers died during the American Civil War, which was about 2.39% of the US population at the time. At 2012 population numbers, this would be the equivalent of about 7.4 million Americans. As of 2012, the American Civil War had caused more US casualties than any other war, in large part because casualties from both sides are included.

More about the American Civil War:

  • For many years, the number of soldiers killed in the American Civil War was estimated to be 618,222 — 360,222 Northern soldiers and 258,000 Southern soldiers. More advanced research in the early 21st century, however, raised the estimate to 750,000 and suggested that it might have been as many as 850,000.

  • It is estimated that 750 women enlisted in either army during the war, even though neither military officially accepted women as soldiers.

  • According to some estimates, at least 70% more Civil War soldiers died of disease or other non-combat accidents than were killed in action or died from combat-related wounds.

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This does not include civilian deaths. Lincoln certainly made the country pay a high price for his lack of leadership.


My son, daughter and I just started CW re-enacting to learn first hand of what it was like. She drives a wagon, he operates as a skirmisher in advance of heavy infantry and I bugle. Why? To keep history alive. This is a hobby for us, but it really happened and our heritage must be preserved.

People ask why re-enactors rarely pretend to die when engaging at close distances. Because of the numbers of casualties if we followed true to form, a 2 1/2 hour reenactment scenario would only last 15 minutes.

This is the 150th anniversary. Take your family to a reenactment. Visit the camps. It doesn't matter if you're north or south. The admission cost is usually very low and less than a first run movie ticket. Check out Cleburne's Division of Longstreet's Division. You will never forget it.

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