How Many McDonald's Employees are There?

One in eight workers in the United States has at one time been an employee of McDonald's, and one in 15 workers in America had their first job at McDonald's. More than 500,000 American workers are employed by McDonald's in more than 14,000 locations.

More facts about McDonald's employment:

  • Employee turnover for cooking crews in McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. exceeds 100 percent a year, on average.

  • There are more than 1.5 million McDonald's employees in about 120 countries worldwide. Among the only countries that did not have a McDonald's at the end of 2010 are Greenland, Vatican City, Cambodia and Zimbabwe.

  • The company has been ranked as one of Fortune's "America's Top 50 Best Companies for Minorities," because more than 50 percent of all McDonald's employees are from a minority group.

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