How Long Does a Migraine Last?

Migraine headaches are characterized by severe pulsing and throbbing in one area of the head. Many people report sensitivity to light and sound during a migraine, as well as extreme nausea. Migraines can last for between 30 minutes and six hours. In some cases, the headache can linger for several days.

More facts about migraines:

  • In the United States, women are more likely than men to suffer from migraines, with an average of 18 percent of females in the U.S. reporting problems with migraine headaches. By contrast, 6 percent of American men suffer from migraines. Similar statistics are found in the United Kingdom, where an estimated 190,000 people suffer from migraines on any given day.

  • The throbbing associated with a migraine usually is limited to one side of the head, but about one-third of all people who are suffering from migraines report throbbing on both sides.

  • The onset of a migraine usually is foreshadowed by what is known as a migraine aura. Sudden twinges in the arm or leg, blind spots in the field of vision and sudden flashes of light distinguish the aura. As the migraine develops, nausea and an increasing sense of pounding or throbbing in the head begin to develop. An aura often fades as the main symptoms begin to appear, although some people report continuing to experience vision problems until the headache begins to weaken.

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This is a perfect descriptions of the common migraine and the classic migraine.

I have found that Advil Migraine is the only treatment that helps me to relieve the pain. If I use the medication as soon as possible after its onset, I can usually spare myself hours of throbbing pain.

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