How Has French Wine Consumption Changed?

French wine consumption has declined over time, with 50% of French people being regular wine drinkers in 1983, compared with less than 17% in 2013, research shows. During the same time period, the number of French people who reported never drinking wine doubled to 38% of adults. Consumption is thought to have gradually declined since the 1960s because people have fewer jobs that permit drinking during the day, an increase in the popularity of beer and liquor, as well as a higher population of Muslims who do not drink alcohol.

More about the French and wine:

  • French winemakers have started creating flavored wines, such as cola or passion fruit, in an effort to increase wine consumption. In 2012, French adults consumed 15 million bottles of flavored wine.
  • During the Middle Ages, water typically was unsafe to drink, so wine was one of the main beverages for Europeans, but it was a more diluted version than modern wines.
  • In 2012, France was the world’s largest wine producer, providing 16% of the global wine supply.
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