How Far Do Americans Travel?

The average American makes four "trips" a day, totaling about 40 miles (64 km) per day, or 14,500 miles (23,335 km) every year (according to a National Household Travel Survey). "Trips" in this case does not refer to international travel, but rather "daily travel," or trips by vehicle within a single day.

More info on how Americans travel:

  • 45% of Americans' travel is for the purpose of shopping or running other similar errands. 27% of these trips are for social or recreational purposes, while 15% of these daily trips are trips for commuting to and from work.

  • On average, women drive slightly less than men on a daily basis, but all drivers tend to make the most daily trips on Fridays and the fewest trips on Sundays.

  • Every day in the United States, the total amount of miles traveled is about 11 billion (17.7 billion km) which is more than 440,000 trips around the globe every day.
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