How Effective Is Vitamin B for a Hangover?

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Taking vitamin B for a hangover can be effective if it is consumed in large amounts. In order for the vitamin to work, it should be taken with water or another non-alcoholic, hydrating beverage. Since excessive alcohol intake depletes the body of several B vitamins, it is recommended that a B complex vitamin be taken.

Drinking alcohol can result in a group of symptoms that are commonly known as a hangover. These symptoms include headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, muscle weakness, light and noise sensitivity, and mild distortion. The root cause of the symptoms is thought to be due to dehydration, vitamin depletion and an excess amount of the toxic chemical, acetaldehyde. Several factors can affect the severity of hangovers, including the amount of alcohol consumed, types of drinks consumed, age, and whether food and water were taken with the alcohol.

Individuals may turn to vitamin B for a hangover as a natural relief method. Since there is no real cure or prevention other than avoiding alcohol consumption, vitamin B, along with rest and time, can relieve some of the symptoms. The most effective forms of vitamin B include B6, B12 and B1.


In terms of overall effectiveness, taking B vitamins for a hangover should not be seen as an exclusive remedy. A vitamin B complex will help replenish the vitamins the alcohol depleted and may shorten the recovery time. Since there are other issues that arise from excessive drinking, these should be addressed as well. Some individuals find that it is helpful to consume a small amount of alcohol to rid themselves of the withdrawal symptoms.

A Bloody Mary is an alcoholic drink that is commonly used to help ease some of the withdrawal symptoms that accompany a hangover. The tomato juice contains several vitamins that help alleviate the alcohol's toxicity. Dehydration is a major cause of hangover symptoms, which is why drinking water in addition to taking vitamin B is more effective.

If taking vitamin B for a hangover, large amounts should be consumed with as much water as possible. A vitamin B complex contains all of the B vitamins that are depleted by drinking alcohol, but each capsule or pill should be taken with a full glass of water. This helps the body absorb the B vitamin. It is also helpful if several capsules or high potency B complex liquid vitamins are taken.


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Post 3

I agree with @Drentel. Dehydration is the real problem for most drinkers. I can remember going out and with friends on nights when I was the designated driver. Even though I had no drinks the entire night, the next morning I would feel lousy because I was totally dehydrated. In some instances, I felt worse than my friends who had been drinking all night.

Post 2

This article makes a good point about a hangover simply being a combination of symptoms we associate with drinking. I learned early on that the key to avoiding all the morning after regrets of drinking was to drink plenty of water between the alcoholic drinks. When you stay hydrated you are not going to experience all of those symptoms.

The mistake most people make is they just guzzle the alcohol and drink nothing else. You also want to eat something while you are drinking. Certain foods do a better job of absorbing the alcohol than others.

Post 1

I have heard many people say that all of the hangover cures and remedies are just a whole lot of nonsense, but after reading this article I can see how some of them might be effective. The article mentions that a Bloody Mary might help because of the vitamins in the tomatoes.

My father told me that tomato juice, hot sauce and a raw egg was the only good mixture for treating a hangover. I think he just told me this so I would never drink enough to get a hangover. Anyway, I guess over the years through experimentation people have learned that tomato juice is good for hangovers, and of course there are many other home remedies that people swear by. Visit any college campus and you can get a long list of them.

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