How Effective Is Thetole for Brain Damage?

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Thetole, or The Tole, is an alternative treatment for brain damage using acupuncture and herbs. It was developed at the The Tole Acupuncture Herbal Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is promoted worldwide via the Internet. According to its website, the center was founded by a fourth-generation master acupuncturist and Chinese physician, Leong Hong Tole. The center is staffed by the master and his assistants. No independent research studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of thetole for brain damage, so there is no scientifically reliable information concerning the efficacy of thetole for brain damage.

Information available for each of the diseases treated by thetole can be found on its extensive website. Brain injury is typically described and classified by cause. Traumatic brain injury resulting from a blow to the head is differentiated from acquired brain injury. Both impair normal brain functioning and are outlined on the website. It can be assumed from the website that thetole for brain damage is available for brain injuries caused by everything from sports injuries to strokes.


Thetole for brain damage involves acupuncture and herbal treatment to restore healthy brain functioning if the patient comes to the clinic in person. Complex herbal medicines consisting of many herbs are said to be formulated on an individual basis and used in conjunction with the acupuncture. There is no listing on the website of specific herbs or formulas, and no information is given citing safety or independent testing of the formulas. Brain injury is a serious condition that can be life threatening. Thetole for brain damage has no scientific research verifying its effectiveness.

If patients cannot come to the center, they can be treated by corresponding with the staff at The Tole Center. Herbal formulas are said to be prepared for the individual based on answers to a series of health and lifestyle questions. This process is done without a personal examination of the patient if they cannot come to Malaysia for treatment. After the staff at The Tole Center has a complete written description of the patient’s health condition, the herbal medicine is shipped to the person at any location in the world. Correspondence is said to continue to analyze the patient’s progress.


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