How Effective Is Papaya for Dengue?

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It is not known whether using papaya for dengue fever improves the symptoms or speeds the recovery from this disease. Anecdotal evidence has suggested that a tea made from the leaves of the papaya tree may help certain patients with dengue fever, but it is unclear whether these patients recovered on their own or because of the tea. In folk medicine, papaya fruit and leaves are used as a digestive aid, a property that would not likely have either a positive or negative effect on a patient with dengue fever. Scientific studies need to be conducted in order to find out whether papaya has anti-viral or fever reducing qualities that would make it effective against dengue fever.

Dengue fever, which is sometimes called break bone fever, is a disease that can cause severe pain, high fever, and vomiting. The virus that causes dengue fever is transmitted to humans through infected mosquitos, which can be found in the tropics around the world. Though this disease is painful and can come on suddenly, it is not usually fatal. Most patients recover from dengue fever on their own, though they may require intravenous fluids to remain hydrated and pain medication to remain comfortable.


There is no cure for dengue fever, though patients can develop a resistance to the disease once they've been infected once. There are some claims that papaya can cure the disease, but these claims are not likely to be true because the cure for dengue fever involves the creation of antibodies within the patient's immune system. At best, using papaya for dengue fever could speed up the process of producing these antibodies.

The high vitamin C content in papaya could help boost a patient's immune system, helping to fight off infections such as dengue fever. It is also possible that patients who take papaya for dengue fever may experience some relief from the gastrointestinal discomfort the disease causes. Papaya is usually used as a digestive aid, however, so patients who have not eaten in a few days because of the illness may not benefit from the use of papaya.

Until scientific studies are conducted on the usefulness of papaya for dengue fever, patients should use caution when using this treatment. It is unlikely that papaya would make the disease worse, but there are people, such as pregnant women, for whom papaya is contraindicated. Patients who believe they have dengue fever should seek medical attention and remain hydrated until the infection runs its course.


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Post 3

@MikeMason-- But that's not proof! Maybe he was going to get better anyway!

All of this just shows that there is correlation between papaya and dengue, but there has to be more research to see if there is direct causation.

Post 2

@alisha-- My cousin in India had dengue fever several years ago. His condition was very bad, he was in the ICU because his platelet count was too low. My aunt, who normally doesn't believe in these things, was given papaya leaf juice by her neighbor for my cousin.

Apparently, after taking this juice for three days, my cousin's platelet count went back up and he was out of the hospital in just a few days.

A nurse at the hospital told my aunt that she has seen quite a few people recover much faster from dengue fever after they were given papaya leaf juice.

Post 1
There has been a study done in Kuala Lumpur about the effects of papaya for dengue. They studied papaya leaves and found that papayas increase blood platelet count in people who have dengue.

I'm not a doctor but I'm guessing this means that the immune system becomes stronger and is better able to fight the virus. I believe papaya can treat dengue. Most modern medicines are also made from natural substances!

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