How Effective Is Neem for Diabetes?

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Herbal medicine is not an ancient field, but it is growing in prevalence in western countries for the treatment of common diseases, including diabetes. Neem extracts are just one of the types of alternative medications used for treating this condition, and they are often taken as tonics or in the form of tablets. The effectiveness of neem for diabetes is debatable; some countries, such as India, widely use the extracts for this condition, while physicians in other nations tend to utilize mainstream medical treatments instead. Neem can have the same effects on the body as traditional medications, so patients should consider checking with their doctors first before use.

Neem is an herb derived from the seeds and leaves of the Neem tree, or Azadirachta indica. While some people still use the traditional method of placing the actual tree leaves onto the body, the extracts are widely available on the market in different forms. Tinctures can be used to mix with water for a tonic, while some tablets and capsules are made out of neem extracts as an alternate method of taking the herb. Other pills contain a combination of other herbs and neem for diabetes.


Many herbal practitioners believe that neem is an effective method for diabetes because it is thought to help to reduce a patient’s overall dependence on insulin injections. Aside from blood sugar levels, many diabetics experience poor circulation problems that can eventually lead to limb amputations. Neem for diabetes is thought to improve circulation throughout the entire body by dilating the blood vessels. Alternative medical doctors also generally recommend specific diabetes-friendly diets in conjunction with neem use.

Although there is some promising evidence in terms of neem’s effectiveness in diabetes treatment, the research can vary between countries. Generally, regions that have traditionally used herbal remedies as mainstream medical treatments will promote neem for diabetes. Doctors in nations that use more traditional medicines are usually slower to regard herbal treatments as effective and safe for any disease. Patients in such areas might still have access to neem online or in natural food stores, but it might not be recommended by their physicians.

Herbs are increasing in popularity in all areas of the world because they are regarded by many patients as safer than and just as effective as medications. Despite a doctor’s views on the efficacy of neem for diabetes treatment, patients should keep in mind that herbs can potentially be just as powerful as their prescriptions. Side effects might occur if diabetes patients combine neem and prescription drugs, so it is helpful to check with a physician first.


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Post 6

Where Can I buy the good and real Neem Tea Powder?

Post 5

Neem has controlled my blood pressure and blood sugar. I'm not on any prescription meds. I use it as tea in the mornings and at 4 p.m. every afternoon. It causes me to produce extra urine so this is why I take it at that time. I don't want it to have me getting up at nights to use the washroom. I draw, not boil, six green leaves in a teacup of hot water with no sugar twice a day. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Post 4

It has worked fine for me. My glucose reading dropped from 16.5mol to 8.4mol in about a week. I drink 1 sachet of pure neem tea in the morning and one at late evening/night. But I must reduce its usage because my blood pressure also dropped from 168/90 to 138/82 in two days.

Post 3

I agree that neem is effective for diabetes, but at the doses in which it is effective, it may have side effects. Just because something is natural, it doesn't mean it's safe in any quantity. It may interact with other herbs and drugs as well. So it's best to ask a doctor first.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Yes, neem does help control diabetes. I do use it for this purpose and I've noticed that my fasting blood sugar has been lower.

I think in India, fresh neem leaves or neem juice is used often by diabetics. But in the US, it's difficult to get fresh neem. So I take neem extract supplements which seem to work just fine. Dry neem leaves and neem powder is available as well.

I think that many bitter foods actually help reduce blood sugar. And neem is a little bitter.

Post 1

I think herbal medicine is an ancient field. Homeopathy has been around for a very long time. And neem is a popular herbal remedy in homeopathy. It's just that the West is only now discovering these remedies and learning about them. They've already been used for hundreds of years in Southeast and East Asia.

I've personally not used neem for diabetes but I think many Indians do use it. Has anyone here tried this remedy? Did it work for you? Did it reduce your blood sugar?

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