How Effective Is Homeopathy for Inflammation?

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Homeopathy for inflammation may be effective for some, although some individuals may require traditional care and prescription medications to control their symptoms. Inflammation caused by recurring episodes of gout may be helped through homeopathy and modification of diet. Modifying one's diet and avoiding foods that aggravate the condition may prevent future flare ups. For individuals who cannot tolerate anti-inflammatory medications, homeopathy may be a good alternative.

There are many individuals who suffer from chronic inflammation due to arthritis, tendinitis, or fibromyalgia. Traditionally, physicians prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to control the inflammation and pain associated with these conditions. While traditional methods such as cortisone injections and steroidal medications also work for some, there are side effects associated with the use of these drugs. Over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications may also cause issues, such as upset stomach or gastrointestinal bleeding.

For many patients who cannot tolerate medications or simply want to try a more natural alternative, homeopathy for inflammation may work. There are various remedies used for treating inflammation and swelling, and these are often prescribed by homeopathic doctors. Inflammation due to rashes or insect bites may respond well to a tincture made from apis. This substance is derived from a honey bee and is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.


A widely used remedy for inflammation is an herb known as arnica. This herb may be available in gel form, and when applied topically, may help painful joints due to arthritis and tendinitis. Other remedies such as rhododendron may also provide relief from inflammation and pain. Some homeopathic remedies that include garlic supplements may also be helpful. When using any type of herbal remedy however, it is best to try the lowest recommended dosage, and do so under the recommendation of a medical practitioner.

In addition to herbal remedies for inflammation, the practice of homeopathy may also involve the modification of diet. Many individuals with chronic inflammation do well when adhering to specialized diets. Consuming foods that contain omega-3, as well as fruits and vegetables, may reduce inflammation. Homeopathy for inflammation may also involve avoiding foods that aggravate the condition, such as processed meats and sugary desserts.

Homeopathy for inflammation may involve the use of dietary supplements, such as fish oil capsules. In conjunction with a healthy diet, many individuals find that taking fish oil capsules improve their symptoms of pain and inflammation. Homeopathy for inflammation that includes the use of fish oil supplements may offer cardiovascular benefits as well.


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Homeopathy for inflammation involves homeopathic remedies selected, and prescribed, according to homeopathic principles which has nothing to do with fish oils and dietary supplements etc., etc - that is nutritional health, which is quite different.

Respectfully yours, a (full time, professional) homeopathic practitioner

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