How Effective Is Homeopathy for Herpes?

Jennifer Leigh

There is not conclusive scientific evidence that homeopathy for herpes is an effective treatment, but many people believe that it can help reduce the longevity, frequency, and pain associated with outbreaks of the virus. Certain homeopathic treatments are regularly utilized by individuals suffering from herpes that attempt to stimulate the body's self-healing properties. These treatments are thought to be effective on individuals who exhibit certain physical, emotional, and psychological characteristics and include herbs, minerals, and other natural remedies.

A blister caused by herpes type 1.
A blister caused by herpes type 1.

Many physicians and scientists do not believe in the benefits of homeopathy because the treatments are not consistent with certain basic laws of science. It is recommended by most Western doctors that homeopathy for herpes is a supplemental treatment to prescription herpes remedies that can be obtained by individuals suffering from the ailment. Physicians and scientists who do not believe in the effectiveness of homeopathy for herpes do not think that the remedies are harmful, but simply that they do not have any effect in the body whatsoever. Homeopathy involves a counseling aspect as well, so it is possible that the effectiveness of homeopathy for herpes is a byproduct of the psychological mindset of an individual using the products.

Some people swear by tea tree oil for treatment of oral herpes outbreaks.
Some people swear by tea tree oil for treatment of oral herpes outbreaks.

People who believe that homeopathy for herpes is an effective treatment are often involved in the use of natural medicine for healing. This includes homeopaths, complementary medical practitioners, and individuals who have successfully used it in the treatment of herpes blisters and sores. Proponents of homeopathy think that a whole-body approach, using the theory that similar substances counteract each other, have found that homeopathy for herpes helps alleviate their symptoms and provides better balance to the body. Those who believe in the positive effects of homeopathy for herpes also think that there are some things that science cannot explain, and the way that homeopathic remedies reduces the number and significance of herpes outbreaks is one of them.

The natural treatments used in homeopathy for herpes are diluted substances thought to counteract the effect of the virus in the body. Common treatments include Natrum muriaticum for blisters that occur during stressful times, Sepia for outbreaks that resist other treatments, and Rhus toxicodendron for itchy blisters. These items can actually cause similar symptoms in people who do not have herpes, which is why they are thought to treat the symptoms in individuals who have the virus. Treatments are taken one at a time so that their effects can be seen by the homeopathic practitioner and the patient.

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