How Effective Is Homeopathy for Candida?

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Most studies conclude that homeopathy is not an effective treatment for any ailment. Homeopathy for candida often consists of using borax, belladonna, or chamomile dilutions to treat the infection. When taken orally after being diluted, these ingredients do nothing but potentially cause a placebo effect. On the other hand, when using homeopathy for candida, patients are often advised to follow healthy diets that inhibit the growth of yeast. Combined with drinking plenty of water and experiencing a placebo effect, many people feel better or even cured within 24 hours.

Studies show that homeopathy for candida is not effective. Experts point out that the medicine is not based on established rules of science. While the vast majority of controlled studies rule out homeopathy as an effective alternative medicine, studies are still being done to ensure the certainty of the conclusion. Some studies show a definite benefit of homeopathy, but these studies are observational or anecdotal, which are not as reliable as controlled studies.

The basis of homeopathy is the assumption that like cures like, meaning curing candida can be done by giving a person a supplement with candida in it. Common candida cures do include multiple strains of candida, plus ingredients like belladonna to stabilize the patient’s mood. Flowers are not known to cure depression, anger, or other negative feelings, however.


Many people report being cured or at least helped by homeopathy. This is likely due to the fact that most homeopaths advise patients to take up healthy diets, stop smoking, and engage in other healthy activities that medical professionals have advised for decades. These instructions are usually called the homeopathic approach. Some researchers believe that homeopathy is beneficial because the homeopathic approach to many ailments is a healthy one. The relationship between a homeopathic practitioner and his or her patient might even be one closer to that of a modern medicinal doctor and his or her patient, so the homeopathic practitioner may notice more subtle changes in a person’s mood or health.

A homeopathic approach to candida is sometimes similar to a regular doctor’s approach. Staying well hydrated, avoiding sugar, and avoiding tight clothing could very well make a person feel better. Another common tip is to avoid wearing wet clothing and perfumed products. In this way, using homeopathy for candida could theoretically work. It is important to see a modern medicinal doctor if a person is pregnant, nursing, or experiencing severe or long-lasting symptoms, however.


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