How Effective Is Homeopathy for Bipolar Disorder?

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At the time of this writing, there have been few scientific studies to determine the effectiveness of homeopathy for bipolar disorder. There are many patients and naturalist practitioners who report very good results when using homeopathic medicines and other natural remedies. Many times, these treatments are combined with more conventional medicine for the most benefit. Since there is no standard of treatment that works for all bipolar patients, the effectiveness of homeopathy often depends on each individual patient.

Despite what many patients believe, it is not a good idea to self-treat using homeopathy for bipolar disorder. Just because something is natural doesn't mean that it is safe, or that it won't have side effects. Many common homeopathic remedies that work for some patients, such as St. John's Wort or valerian root, have been shown to have adverse reactions in other patients. In some cases, symptoms of mania actually became worse while these treatments were being used. All homeopathic methods of treatment should be used under the supervision of a trained homeopath.


There are many theories as to what might cause bipolar disorder, so choosing a one-size treatment for all patients is virtually impossible. Many people go through a long line of treatment options before finding something that works well for them. This is true for both traditional bipolar drugs and homeopathic remedies. When using homeopathy for bipolar disorder, many individuals have to try various herbs and substances in varying doses before finding the right mixture. Sometimes these herbs are also combined with conventional therapies.

Most homeopaths advocate for using diet and exercise combined with homeopathic medications. There is some evidence to suggest that bipolar disorder can be caused by vitamin deficiency. It has been documented that dietary changes can lead to fluctuations in mood, and many patients who have bipolar disorder have deficiencies in various important vitamins. Some natural healers claim that replenishing these vitamins, both through dietary changes and supplementation, can help alleviate symptoms.

When determining how to proceed with homeopathy for bipolar treatment, health professionals will usually ask a patient several questions. Once the type of bipolar disorder is determined, a treatment plan can be developed. Homeopathic medications are usually given in the lowest dose to start, and then they can be altered or increased if symptoms persist, improve, or get worse.


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