How Effective is Ginger for Morning Sickness?

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A number of studies have concluded that ginger is quite effective for morning sickness. Ginger is a natural product that is frequently used in remedies for ailments related to the stomach. There is some concern that ginger might have some negative effects on the fetus, but these are speculations that have not yet been confirmed with statistical evidence. The concern is that ginger might interfere with the sex hormones of the fetus. Women who are interested in using ginger for morning sickness should speak with their doctors to get the most up-to-date medical opinions on the matter.

For women who decide to use ginger for morning sickness, there are a number of ways to enjoy ginger. Ginger tea can be made with pre-packaged herbal tea bags that include ginger. It can be made by mixing ginger powder into a cup of hot water. Ginger tea can also be made by steeping slices of fresh ginger in hot water. Women using ginger for morning sickness can also chew on slices of candied ginger or even chew on slices of raw ginger, the latter method being a bit too spicy and pungent for some women.


Another way to use ginger for morning sickness is to drink ginger ale. Women who want to use this beverage as a way to consume ginger for morning sickness should research their brand of ginger ale. There are some ginger ales that do not include any real ginger. Instead, these drinks are made with artificial flavors. One of the best ways to find a good ginger ale that is made with actual ginger is to go to a health food store. Another way to find a carbonated beverage with ginger is to look for ginger beer, which is a non-alcoholic drink much like ginger ale that almost always includes real ginger in its ingredients.

Finally, women who are interested in using ginger for morning sickness can eat ginger snaps, which are cookies that are made with a good helping of ginger powder. Keeping ginger snaps, ginger candy, or a ginger beverage nearby can be a way to fight back waves of nausea. Many women find that one or more of these products helps to reduce and assuage their morning sickness, which can be both uncomfortable and also very inconvenient, especially for women who have busy schedules that cannot be rearranged to accommodate nausea.


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