How Effective are Probiotics for Eczema?

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The research on probiotics for eczema is very small, with many of the studies offering conflicting findings among the data. There are some studies which show a positive effect for preventing eczema by taking probiotics, while some studies have shown no benefit between probiotics and eczema healing. To determine the effectiveness of probiotics for eczema treatment, it is important to analyze the literature as well as actively participate by testing probiotics to determine whether or not it will aid in eczema treatment.

Probiotics are live bacteria which help promote digestion, and those suffering with eczema have different bacteria levels than those without eczema. Since probiotics encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, researchers believed that increasing probiotic foods or supplements will have a direct impact on eczema. Actual studies, however, have shown that there doesn't seem to be a direct improvement in eczema symptoms following probiotic supplementation.

One study has shown that pregnant mothers who take probiotics decrease the risk of their children developing eczema by half. The correct ratio of probiotics in the mother's system seems to transfer to the developing child, reducing its risk. Pregnant women who take probiotics for eczema prevention for babies should speak to their doctor to determine the correct brand and levels associated with their current level of health. Increasing rich probiotic foods, like yogurt and fermented vegetables, may also help increase probiotic concentrations in the mother's body.


Mothers who supplement with probiotic vitamins should look for ingredients which include acidophilis, a powerful strain of probiotic bacteria associated with a strong immune system and improvements in digestion. Expectant mothers should also take the appropriate dosage recommended by a trusted medical doctor who knows the health of the mother, as general recommended values have not been established for the majority of the population. Even though taking probiotics for eczema shows no benefit for those already suffering from the symptoms, it may prove beneficial for developing infants.

Although it seems as if correcting the imbalance of probiotics in the system would increase eczema healing, it does not seem to be correlated to decreasing eczema symptoms. Probiotics, however, are a healthy addition to any diet as it promotes proper digestion and strengthened immune system. An individual may try taking probiotics for eczema to see if symptoms improve, as each individual reacts to different treatments in different ways. The majority of the people suffering from eczema, however, will not necessarily experience relief by taking probiotics.


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