How does Insulation Work?

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Insulation is essentially a tool that helps to create a barrier between an interior and exterior surface in order to create or maintain a desirable aspect of the contents of the space. To this end, insulation is all about protecting what is inside from something that is occurring on the outside. The exact process that is employed by different types of insulation will vary, depending on what needs to be insulated and how much protection is required to produce the desired results.

When most people think of insulation, images of home insulation come to mind. In this application, insulation is used to help make it easier for the homeowner to maintain the climate within the space with relative ease. The insulation comes in several different options and materials, and is used to fill in the spaces within walls, between floors, and in attic spaces. When properly installed, the insulation helps to keep the space at a desirable temperature regardless of the outside weather, while also reducing the amount of sound that invades the space from outside sources, or even from other rooms in the home.


Along with insulation that is used to soundproof and protect the home for adverse temperatures, electrical insulation also serves the purpose of creating a protective barrier between the flow of electricity and the other materials used in the structure. Containing the wiring in a protective plastic coating means that the wires will erode at a much slower pace. In addition, any stray sparks or heat generated by the wiring will not cause surrounding materials to ignite and lead to dangerous fires within the space.

Installing insulation is a task that can be accomplished during the construction process, or managed with an existing home or other building. Insulating can be accomplished by using rolls of fiberglass insulation to fill in spaces in walls and floors. Foam insulation is an excellent option when there is a need to fill in a number of small nooks and crannies with the space, which is common in many older homes. Insulated homes tend to be much more energy efficient, which helps to allow the installation of new insulation to pay for itself in a very short period of time.


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