How do You Tie a Tie?

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Tying a tie can be a messy proposition if you're not sure what you're doing. Fortunately, it's easy to learn how to tie a tie on your own. With a little patience, your tie can end up looking neat and professional, without a lot of hassle. To start, stand in front of a mirror with your tie in hand and the shirt you're wearing buttoned to the top. Then, lift your collar and place the tie around your neck.

Take the thicker end of your tie in your right hand if you're right-handed; if you're left-handed, use your left hand. Next, locate the seam on the front of the narrower part of your tie. Alternatively, you can just start with the narrower end hanging about a foot (30.5 centimeters) below the thicker end. To tie a tie, you need to take the thicker end of it and move it over the narrower end. The ends should cross each other at the seam on the front of your tie.


Your next step as you tie a tie is to pull on the thicker end, so that it is behind the narrower end and then comes around to rest on top of the narrower end of the tie. Repeat this step once more, and then pull the thicker end through the loop that is around your neck. Follow up by pulling the thicker end all the way through the knot. Finish by sliding the knot up the narrower end of the tie, straightening it as you go.

Once you've learned to tie a tie with this basic method, you may want to go on to experiment with different types of knots; there are different knots for formal occasions and others that are considered appropriate for more casual events. You can even tie a tie with a dimple. To do this, tie a tie as normal, but slide your finger under the knot before you begin to tighten it, squeezing its sides just a little. Take your finger out and squeeze the bottom of the knot; this makes a tiny dimple directly beneath the knot. You'll need to finish tying the knot after this, but take care to avoid messing up your dimple; carefully hold the narrower end of the tie and slide the knot upwards. End by gently fluffing up the fabric on both sides of your dimple.


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Post 3

It may be easier if you watched is a short video. If you have never done this you will not know what you are talking about. Pictures speak louder than words. Also lefties do it backward.

Post 2

I think you meant to say that the thicker end needs to start out hanging about a foot below the thinner end - that's the only way the thicker end, which does all the wrapping around and becomes the front, can possibly end up being long enough (the tip of it should just touch the top of your belt).

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