How Do Women View Men with a Deep Voice?

Women view a man with a deep voice as less likely to be suitable as a long-term mate, according to a 2013 study. After listening to recordings of men with deep voices, the women participants were most likely to respond that the owners of the voices would be more likely to cheat if in long-term relationships. Researchers believe that this could be because men with deeper voices might have more of the male hormone testosterone. From an evolutionary standpoint, this is often perceived as being more attractive to other women and thus might be seen as giving the men more opportunities to be unfaithful in their relationships.

More about deep voices:

  • A different study found that men with deeper voices had a lower quality of sperm, which is thought to be the result of their perceived attractiveness making them less likely to compete for female mates.

  • Women are more likely to remember things said by a deep-voiced male, research shows.

  • Male chief executive officers (CEOs) who have deep voices are more likely to run successful businesses, one study found.

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