How do People's Photos of Popular Tourist Attractions Compare?

Most tourists take photos of attractions from the same location. Though this might be partially because of the limited areas for taking photos near the attractions, most of the photos are so similar that they can be superimposed on each other with a minimum of overlap.

More facts about tourists:

  • Globally, tourism went up by about 10 percent from 2009-2010, making tourism an almost $900 billion-US-Dollar industry.

  • The countries that get the most international tourists each year are France, Spain, the United States and China.

  • The attraction that receives the most visitors worldwide every year is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with more than 10 million visitors. It beat out Japan's Universal Studios, which gets about 9 million visitors a year, as well as the Eiffel Tower, and it gets more than twice as many visits as the Grand Canyon, Stonehenge and the Pyramids at Luxor.

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