How do I Write a Technology Research Paper?

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You can write an excellent technology research paper with some planning. First, you need to choose a topic, then find a specific angle and thesis statement for your topic. Next, you should organize your ideas in an outline and begin writing. Once finished a first draft, it is important to revise and edit your work.

If you are unsure about a topic for your technology research paper, you need to do some research. Consider topics related to technology and decide on two or three that interest you. You can also spend some time looking up articles in newspapers or technology magazines to find out what some of the current issues are in technology today. While researching topics, keep in mind your paper length and try to pick a topic that you can discuss in detail without writing too much or too little.

The next step is to narrow down the topic for your technology research paper. An effective research paper should take a specific angle on a broader topic or cover one aspect of the topic. You should be able to sum up your research paper topic in one sentence, which is called the thesis statement. Write out your thesis statement, and then begin to plan your research paper structure.


The structure of your technology research paper should flow logically and stay on topic. You can build the structure of your paper by writing an outline as you research your topic. As you read over technology articles and other sources, think about where they might work in your paper. If you find interesting facts that support your points, make a note about them. When you write your outline, you can include these notes.

Once you have the outline for your technology research paper, you can begin writing. Your outline is the internal structure of your research paper, and as you write, you add details and supporting points to flesh out this structure. You also don’t have to write a research paper all in one sitting. Take your time and write your paper over several sessions. Splitting up the writing will keep you from getting overwhelmed or overlooking important information.

Finally, when you have the first draft of your technology research paper, you can begin to revise. Read over your paper and underline sentences, make notes and cross things out if you need to. Revision is one of the most important stages of writing a research paper because it allows you to refine your writing and ensures that your research paper will be the best it can be.


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