How do I Write a Sponsorship Request?

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Writing a sponsorship request typically consists of crafting a personalized letter to the company, organization, or individual that you would like to obtain funding from. The specifics of such a letter can vary depending on whether you are requesting a sponsorship for your organization or for yourself. Another main factor that can affect the contents of your sponsorship request is what the funding will be used for. A typical sponsorship request letter will contain a professional salutation, a description of yourself or your organization, and an appeal to the company or individual for assistance. If your target has a history of sponsoring similar organizations, events, or activities, you can work that particular angle.

The most important part of writing a sponsorship request is choosing the correct person or organization to contact. If you are running a youth organization, such as a sports team, you may have success contacting local businesses and entrepreneurs that have a history of supporting similar activities. Different companies and individuals are often predisposed to offer support for specific types of organizations, events, or activities, so choosing the right ones can help you craft the best sponsorship request.


Once you know where you will send your requests, you need to do some additional research. If you are contacting a business, then it can pay to learn which employees are responsible for the charitable giving and sponsorship programs. Addressing your letter to the correct person within an organization can assure it is received in a timely manner, but it can also help show your contact that you are serious and appreciate their efforts. To that end, you will usually want to draft your request on a professional letterhead. If your organization does not already have a letterhead, it is typically easy to create one.

After the salutation that addresses the correct person or people, your sponsorship request letter should provide a little background information. You can highlight past activities and how a new sponsorship would help. Knowledge of how your potential sponsor has funded other groups in the past can be essential, since that can help you tailor this portion of the letter. It can also help to provide a clear and concise description of why you require the sponsorship.

Beyond the personal salutation and outlining past accomplishments and future plans, how you request the fiscal sponsorship may vary. In some cases you may request a specific amount of money, or may provide different sponsorship levels. You can also specify exactly what each sponsorship level will allow you to accomplish, or any benefits you can offer in return. A form may also be enclosed if you are requesting sponsorship from a business, since this can make the process easier for the employees involved.

Throughout your sponsorship letter, you will typically want to remain professional and polite. At the end of the letter it is a good idea to thank your potential sponsor for their attention, whether or not they ultimately decide to offer any funding. A handwritten signature is typically recommended to close the letter, as this can create a personalizing effect.


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