How Do I Write a Sponsorship Proposal?

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A sponsorship proposal is an integral part of funding an event or philanthropic organization. As the writer, you need to know all the details about your event or organization and your requirements. You also need to thoroughly research the business, organization or person to whom your letter is being addressed.

With this in mind, the sponsorship proposal has many elements common to other letters. Place your contact information or those of your organization at the top of the letter on the right-hand side. Next, on the left-hand side below your contact details, enter the date and the contact details for the letter's recipient.

Use the first paragraph to introduce yourself or your organization. Keep the paragraph brief. Your potential sponsor will want to know who you are, what you do and your philosophy but will be more interested in the meat of your proposal.

The second paragraph should introduce the letter's recipient to the event you want him or her to sponsor. For example, if it is a literary festival, then provide the name, location, attendance estimate and confirmed events. Keep it succinct and do not be afraid to drop the occasional name. Use the paragraph to sell your event or organization, but also be sure to be factually accurate at all times.


Define the impact of the event in the third paragraph. Mention the charities it will help, if any. If it is a fundraiser or other charitable event, explain where the money will go to and what will be done with it. Explain who or what the event will impact.

Next comes the most important part of the sponsorship proposal from the point of view of the potential sponsor: Explain what is in it for the proposal's recipient. The potential sponsor will likely want to know how many people will see his or her name or brand during the course of the event and any advertising leading up to it. Be sure to tell the would-be sponsor what positive associations people will take from the event in connection with his or her name or brand. Explain how the event is well suited to that particular sponsorship. For example, a fun run ties in well with sponsorship by footwear companies and health food companies.

Now that you have introduced the positives of the event and have the would-be sponsor's interest, it is time to introduce the proposal's recipient to your sponsorship needs. The event for which you're seeking sponsorship should have complete budget information prior to the proposal being written. This lets you state the desired budget for the event so the sponsor knows what investment is needed, but do not begin negotiating in the proposal.

The concluding paragraph of the sponsorship proposal should express your appreciation for the recipient taking the time to read your letter. You should also express a desire to discuss the idea with him or her in more detail. Include your name and title at the bottom of the page. Before submitting your sponsorship proposal, re-read and edit it thoroughly. A less-than-professional proposal can inspire an otherwise willing sponsor to decline the request.


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