How Do I Write a Sales Mission Statement?

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A mission statement is meant to explain your company's sales goals and vision via a small amount of content. Writing a good sales mission statement involves brainstorming, involving those connected to your business, carefully considering your customers, and taking time with word selection so that you choose exciting, interesting words that make readers take notice. Often, a major part of the process is answering questions about your business and then using those answers to craft a mission statement. You may find that the writing process goes smoothly if you brainstorm first, create an initial draft, and then take some time polishing your writing.

Crafting a sales mission statement often involves answering questions about why you are in business, who your customers are, and how you would like potential and current customers to see you. You may also answer questions regarding things that make your business stand out from the competition and the types of products and services you provide. Additionally, you may consider the underlying values that drive your company when crafting a sales mission statement. Jotting down the answers to questions about your business may help as you begin writing.


Getting feedback from others may also prove helpful as you work to write a sales mission statement. Partners, employees, and business associates may offer usable ideas. You may also ask customers for feedback to get a better idea of how they see your company. If you have a small business or are a sole proprietor, you may also find it helpful to get feedback from family members and friends as you write your statement.

Brainstorming can be an important part of writing a mission statement as well. You may write down many different ideas for your mission statement, or even use bits and pieces of content that others contribute. As you go along, you may find that some sound better or more suitable for the company image and goals you are trying to convey. By combining the parts that sound the best, you may come up with a good foundation for your sales mission statement.

After you’ve created a first draft of a mission statement, you may do well to spend some time refining it. For example, you may polish up your sentences and get rid of anything that seems jumbled or awkward. You may also add some descriptive words that help readers visualize your business and what you do. Likewise, you may carefully choose words that help to spur your audience on toward action that will help you meet your goals.


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