How do I Write a Proposal?

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The strategies needed to write a proposal often depend on the nature of the proposal. Although a variation of factors exists, all proposals should contain some basic elements. This includes why you are doing the project, the nature of the project, how it will be accomplished, the individuals completing the project, where it will be done, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Before you write a proposal, you should organize your thoughts. Writing spontaneously can lead to a rushed proposal with important elements being omitted. The proposal should be written in a cohesive, informative, and interesting manner.

Ultimately, the executive summary will appear first, but while preparing the proposal, it should be written last. The executive summary is a summary of the entire proposal, so although it is the first section the reviewer will see, it is best to write it after you fully understand what the proposal entails. The executive summary must cover the objectives, need, and methodology of the project. It should be at least 750 words, and should fit on one page.

To write a proposal effectively, the need of the project must be stated. This section is a description of what you are addressing and why it is important. Use statistics and other supporting tools to convey your point. If seeking sponsorship, state why the sponsor should fund you.


State the objective by indicating the project’s anticipated outcome. To write a proposal in a compelling manner, it is necessary to state the objective in terms of measures. This will highlight exactly what you will do, who you will perform the task for, for how much, and when the task will be completed. Include short-term and long-term goals as well.

To write a proposal, an individual must possess the determination necessary to complete the longest and most critical portion of the proposal — the "methods" section. This is the most grueling part, but it also has the most value. It is a plan of action, which outlines how the objectives will be attained.

When you write a proposal, keep in mind that your qualifications will be assessed. Show related experience, and describe any relevant facilities and equipment. List any important personnel who have agreed to work on the project and include their resumes. Show how much the project will cost; breakdown the budget into salaries, fringe benefits, supplies, travel, equipment, and state any indirect costs.


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Writing a business proposal is a daunting and sometimes difficult task. One tip is to outline your proposal beforehand, because as the writer mentioned, an off-the-cuff proposal may sound unconvincing.

Convincing the bank representative to provide a loan is the ultimate goal of the proposal writer, therefore, one should research the market in which he or she is applying for a business loan, and be able to show the representative what makes their business unique, as well as their possession of an understanding of the market.

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